11 October 2006

My New Computers

My main system is now a 4600+ Dual Core, with nVidia 256Mb PCI-Express 5700, 19" flat Samsung monitor, 300Gb IDE, 1Gb DDR 400 RAM, aluminium case, Alienware 450W PSU, 16 speed DVD-RW, XP Pro, and 7.1 onboard sound.

The other system, linked by crossover is a 3100+ Sempron, with 256Mb 5500 PCI-Express, 19" flat Samsung monitor, 100Gb IDE, 1Gb DDR 400 RAM, DVD-RW, UPS, and XP Home.


Lgolos said...

That's one insane processor.

How much does that go for?

FrozenOrb said...

The chip & fan cost me £165.

Xens said...

Hot, now if only you played games with it ><