06 June 2006

AOL Internet Sharing Update

A couple days back I finally got AOL DSL (USB) Internet Sharing working.

The new computer mentioned in my previous blog post regarding this issue had been replaced, because the 17" flat monitor that came with it had a green dot, bang in the centre of the screen. And as I'd also mentioned I've just reinstalled XP on my main machine. I mention this in part, because this time around Internet Sharing not only worked but I had to do nothing other than run the XP wizards.

It's either:

Because the main machine that makes the Internet connection, not only doesn't use the AOL software (just the modem driver on the AOL CD and the XP [Internet] connection wizard) but also has never had the AOL software installed and so no remnants or modifications remain after an uninstall, if that is the case.


The main machine that makes the Internet connection had some XP install degradation. A number of minor things not working the way they should. Perhaps this was affecting things.

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