06 June 2006

Far Cry for 50p!

On Sunday 4th June I went to Thainston Market, in Inverurie for the first time. There I purchased: 8 DVDs for £25 (28 Days Later, Dark Water, Dogma, Donnie Darko, Full Metal Jacket, Lord of the Flies (the colour version), The Matrix, The Producers); the book Omert√† by Mario Puzo (author of The Godfather) for 50p; a Groucho Marx piggy-bank for 50p; and best of all Far Cry for just 50p!

Okay so the game is getting on a little bit now, but it was the first game I came across, back in 2004, that came just on DVD, and from what little I saw of it, it looked great. I've been playing it a lot the last couple of days and it's excellent.

As for the Dark Water DVD I mentioned this is a film I've already seen but wanted the DVD to add to my humble Jennifer Connelly collection, but wasn't willing to pay the £15 I've seen it for in 2 supermarkets. So this is something of a result.

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