19 August 2006

The Beginning of a Sixth 40k Army: The Dreaded Tyranids

On the 11th August I decided as a spur-of-the-moment thing to buy one of the superb new Carnifex models because it a) looked like a fun project b) is arguably one of the best 40k models (although nowadays there's so many great models, but then this also has the size factor) c) is a model you will often/almost always field in a Tyranid army d) is kickass.

Also, having read from front to back the old and new Tyranid Codex and being impressed (especially with the new codex since Tyranids are now better) it was time for me to begin a Tyranid army.

Today I sprayed the Carnifex, and the Tau Commander mentioned in my last post, and based and commenced painting the Tau Commander.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Orb, this is BobDoleSays from the OFM forums, I noticed that your B-day is comming up, and just wanted to say Happy Birthday.

*hands obligatory pie to Orb*