17 January 2006

40k - A Tale of Four Armies

With TheWarp.net quiet at the moment, and me taking a break from assembling and painting 40k miniatures for a moment, I finally have time for my first 2006 blog entry. So it's catch-up time...

Okay so on Jan. 2nd I bought the Games Workshop Army Case. Their largest case, which holds a respectable 216 miniatures. I also bought the Pin Vice for drilling holes in the many miniature gun barrels.

Then on Jan. 12th I bought the 16 pack of Dark Eldar Warriors, the new 5 pack of plastic Space Marine Scouts, and to commence the beginning of my fourth army, the 12 pack of Tau Fire Warriors with 2 Gun Drones. So 35 new miniatures to keep me very busy for a long time to come.

Currently I have the 16 Dark Eldar Warriors all glued. I just need to add their many spikes then they're ready for spraying. The Fire Warriors, Gun Drones, and Scouts have simply been cut from their sprues, and today I'll commence removing the mold lines from the Fire Warriors and gluing them together.

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