31 December 2005

Warhammer 40k Purchases

Today I bought the latest White Dwarf (313), the Games Workshop 2006 Catalogue, and a pot of Chaos Black.

The latter has been depressing me for a good 3 days now; since I have every paint in the Games Workshop collection, including the Gloss Varnish and the new Matt Varnish, and I ran out of Chaos Black, the most used colour by almost all painters. I could have bought sooner, but I just couldn't be bothered. So for the last 3 days I've been making do with watering down the dregs of a pot.

Regarding the new White Dwarf, I'll likely edit this post later today with what I thought. One thing that caught my eye is the loads of very nice chaos scenery.

The Games Workshop 2006 Catalogue, is much like the previous year's, however there are a few nice differences. Again I'll likely edit this post later today with my thoughts.

Whilst buying these 3 items I finally got a look at and inside the new £50 army case. We're talking suitcase. It's massive! This I'd very much like.

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