24 February 2006

An Update

Since my last post I purchased a pack of 5 Assault Terminators, and a second pack of 5 Terminators. These and the 35 mentioned previously are all ready to spray but have still to be sprayed.

In fact as 40k goes I've done almost nothing (I've played 3 games so far this year), and have spent all my time catching up on TV programmes. Lost, Battlestar Galactica, The Sopranos, and Invasion most notably.


Anonymous said...

From one Laurence Hunter to another:that is hideous drivel that does not need to be blogged, i was merely googling our good name and found this nonsense, imagine if others in search of Laurence Hunter greatness find this?! As we know i am the only person to have ever responded but others will realise you have no girlfriend/life and presume we are all alike! Please stop sullying our good name.
Laurence Hunter
PS do you know there is a hunter tartan? i only mention it cause im not from Scotland but apparently the hunters din't hang around either, just nicked some sheep and fucked off

Gaming Goober said...

But how is the painting going?