13 May 2006

Bon Echo Alpha 2

Just released is Bon Echo Alpha 2, the working title for the much anticipated Mozilla Firefox 2 browser. I've been following the status of this project for some time now, but since the Alpha 1 release was essentially just under the hood stuff, I decided to wait until the release of Alpha 2 to try it out.

I keep unconsciously moving the mouse pointer to the very right to close a tab. I like the change, it'll just take some time to get out of the habit. The inline spell checker and new improved search box are great, and the new Add-ons feature looks good.

Release Notes | Download here | My submitted feedback

Of interest is that the last of the alphas, before beta 1, is planned for release on the 26th of this month.

Bon Echo Alpha 3 Timeline

1 comment:

Chuck said...

yes I love it, the spell check is the best feature i think, i am dyslexic and it helps so much, i use to have to cut and copy every thing from word. thank you fire fox