27 May 2006

My New 8.1 Mega Pixel Camera

Just bought a Vivitar ViviCam 8300s digital camera (picture). It's a mammoth 8.1 mega pixel - way more than I'm used to with at first 2.1, then 3.1, and 1.3 on my mobile phone. It also has 3x Optical Zoom. Optical Zoom being something I've always wanted, but never had, until now. It also features a massive 2.5" LCD screen, again more than I'm used to.

I did some checking on Vivitar's best digital camera. The ViviCam X60. It's 10 Megapixel, features a 2.8" LCD, 6x optical zoom, and has anti-shake.

The first two advantages over my camera would be nice but are fine with the lower specs, the 6x optical zoom I could really do with but then when I do eventually get a new camera I'd be looking for a 12x zoom, and the anti-shake feature whilst great is not essential since I also just bought my first tripod.

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