21 May 2006

Mobile Phones Lack of True Colour

I've noticed with photos taken with mobile phones, that (lack of a flash aside) it's not the resolution that's holding them back from taking respectable photos, it's the lack of true colour support (i.e. 24-bit/16.7 million colours).

1.3 megapixel is now the norm, resulting in a maximum of a respectable 1280x1024 pixel photo. But compare a picture taken with a digital camera and a mobile phone, and it's clearly evident that the digital camera's picture, has much more vibrant colour and far greater depth of shading, all thanks to its true colour support.

With that being said, I did some checking. Basically camera phones, including top of the range, and those yet to be released, support 262,144 colours. Others have just 65,536 colour support.

One that I did find with true colour support however is the just out, Nokia 6126, which even has a massive resolution of 240 x 320. With the same colour and resolution support is the Nokia 6131 and 6133 but they haven't been released yet, and aren't yet featured on the official Nokia site.

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