11 December 2005

Doom a Disappointment

Just finished watching Doom. Shock, horror, it's yet another computer game film tie-in disappointment.

Always some idiot director, idiot producers, and idiot executives think they know better than staying true to what made said game popular. 40% through this film I couldn't wait for it to end.


Xens said...

Yup can't think of a single good game to movie transition... except of course.... THE WIZARD! But that wasn't a true game to movie, just a movie with games in it!

Nokarot said...

Any game based movie needs to be made by the people who made the game, or it's not going to be good. I think Halo is supposed to have the people who wrote the Halo script working, but that's just part of the crew, and thus I have my fingers crossed.

The Doom Movie should have been made by id. And without actors like The Rock who are only in it because they're famous. Not to mention that Doom really doesn't have a good Story to it, and stories make movies.