26 December 2005

Google's Ranks in the Top 100 Most Popular Sites

Been meaning to mention this for a few days now, because it's of interest just how popular Blogger.com is--and being that they're part of the whole Google network how it relates to their traffic as a whole. On a side note, check how high Google.co.uk is. Considering AOL.com is rank 20, us Brits seriously dig our Google'ing!

Okay so in the top 3 most popular sites, we have:

1: Yahoo.com
2: MSN.com
3: Google.com

...and then continuing with all other Google sites in the top 100, we have:

16: Google.co.jp
17: Google.co.uk

29: Blogger.com

38: Google.es
39: Google.de
40: Google.ca

43: Google.com.tr

61: Google.fr

86: Google.com.au

92: Google.it

1 comment:

The Elderly said...

Yes I could marry google!
and thanks for the comment on my blog