27 December 2005

Firefox Extensions

In all the time I've used Firefox to browse the net, roughly two years now, I've oddly only now decided to look into the many free Firefox extensions available. I guess I was happy with the way things were.

Lately though (in Firefox 1.5), I've been wanting even more control. And over the previous 24 hours, I've been pretty amazed by the control these extensions are giving me.

AniDisable 1.1
With the simple click of a radio button, all animated GIFs are now just static images, allowing me to read forum posts with less distraction.

So good you just shake your head, and like AniDisable, a real no-brainer to use. I can even simply right-click any forum signature image and select to never see it again. Truly this is a superb extension, and one many a person does not want you using.

This is excellent, and frequently recommended by others. It blocks all JavaScript, Java (and other plugins). The problem is you really need to be web savvy to quickly get to grips with this. You need to know when something is supposed to happen, and that because it's not, whether to ignore, or grant some scripting access - to who, and whether permanently or temporarily.

StumbleUpon 2.2
Adds an extra toolbar to Firefox (which you can toggle on/off). Basically you click the Stumble button which will give you a site at random, on a subject you've said interests you, and has been recommned by others. If you like it you can click the thumbs up button. If you dislike it you can click the thumbs down button. You can also read what others have said about it, and post your own comment.

Whilst on the subject of Firefox, you may be interested in this article on the history of Firefox, from 0.1 to 1.0.2.

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