30 December 2005

Further 40k Development

Things are busying up for me a little in the Warhammer 40k department.

I've been reading and posting a good bit on the, TheWarp.net forum, a Warhammer/40k forum I joined on Christmas day.

There someone mentioned this light-hearted, worth reading article--Perspectives on Painting.

It mentions in that article posting online what you've got painted, no matter how trivial, to keep you at it.

Well I'm now onto painting my fifth Khorne Berzerker arm holding a bolt pistol and fifth shoulder pad, since I took up painting miniatures again after a 2 month break. I've also been making attempts here and there to get the back of some of their backpacks painted up a little bit more. In all these Khorne Berzerkers I'm currently painting, total 24 (3 squads of 8), and all 24 are near complete so I'm pleased.

After those, my World Eater painting consists of painting Khârn the Betrayer, 3 Aspiring Champions (shown in this blog entry), and 8 Chaos Marines that I'm currently thinking will be Possessed Marines, possibly with Daemonic Talons. These other 12 marines are all nicely cleaned-up, partially glued, and sprayed, and all ready for painting.

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