22 December 2005

My New USB Toys

Got a couple new USB toys today. The first is a 1Gb USB Flash Drive. Something I've been needing for a while now, since my 256Mb USB Flash Drive, whilst it served me well, just isn't big enough any more.

Every time I wished to quickly and conveniently move a 350Mb AVI programme, a 700Mb AVI film, or just basically the contents of a CD I was reminded that I could not.

The next stage will be another USB Flash Drive I imagine, because they're so handy, just one that can hold atleast a DVD's worth, i.e. 4.36Gb. This I won't require for some time though.

The second toy is a Goodmans GMP 315 (256Mb) MP3/WMA Player. At only 256Mb it's no iPod I know, but it does glow a nice neon blue, has a neck strap, and provides 10 hours of play time on just one AAA battery (whether it does or not is another story, and I'm doubting).

On the negative side, whilst the playback quality sounds fine--the maximum volume could be a little louder, maybe it's just that I'm used to big headphones, the buttons are somewhat fiddly, and the scrolling ID3 tag information is so blurred it hurts the eyes to read.

So what did I put on it? 41 Christmas songs of course! ;p

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