26 December 2005

Warhammer 40k

For those who don't know, I'm pretty heavily into Warhammer 40k.

Or atleast I was until 2 months ago, when I finally got back online after a 6 month hiatus. The first time I'd basically gone a day without the Internet since 1998. So pretty harsh. The good news was, it was my first time with broadband.

Suffice to say this, with broadband's killer app: BitTorrent, has proven quite the distraction. Fortunately over the last few days I've got back to painting, even if it has only involved painting two arms and two shoulder pads for two Khorne Berzerkers.

Anyway I have three armies: my main (and huge) army of Imperial Fists; World Eaters; Kabal of the Black Heart. I'm hoping to eventually get some photos of them online.

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