17 December 2005

Orb Goes Cordless!

On the minor side, today I bought a 20" TV (my mother's Christmas present), but more importantly I also purchased a black and silver cordless mouse and keyboard! =)

It's the first time I've owned a cordless keyboard, or cordless mouse, and the mouse is optical, so another first for me.

The reason I've never bought either before, is that until recently I've always kept the mouse and keyboard directly in front of the monitor, but now I also like to be relaxing away from the computer when watching a video on it. So now thankfully there's no more tugging at the cables. I even have a wheel now. Something I didn't have on my previous bargain basement 2 button mouse. :)

Ideally I also need wireless headphones (I used to have a pair), since I like to watch videos nice and loud during the early hours of the morning. For the moment I have a nice pair, with a good(ish) sized cable, but wireless will be a lot more convenient with the mouse and keyboard.

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Nokarot said...

I'd probably just get wireless headphones for that (turning on the movie can be done at the desk, and then lay in bed with the monitor turned). However, I won a pair for $300 shure earplugs, so the last thing I need now is wireless headphones.

Keyboard and mouse.. Ehh, good for what you want to do, but I'll be gaming, and want to make sure nothing goes wrong with the connectivity during said gaming :).