20 December 2005

My Slashdot Story

Ah good ol' Slashdot, a site I've been visiting regularly for many years now. Anyhows, I finally got around to rejoining, since I've forgotten my old password, and have the vast majority of the time just visited anonymously without bothering to post comments. I couldn't recover my password either since the email address is no longer available to me.

[Update 21 Dec 05: Had another couple pops at my password and got lucky! A password and e-mail change later, and finally I can go back to my GeorgeFrancisco account. As in, Det. Samuel 'George' Francisco from Alien Nation.]

Anyway, an amusing thing I read just a moment ago in CmdrTaco's Journal (the site's founder) was:

"Since we reject 98% or more of all submissions, so the odds that YOUR submission just got rejected are pretty good."

Only once did I submit a news story, and it was accepted. At the time I remember it putting me in a very good mood, and now knowing of the 2% chance of a successful submission really does help feed the ego. :)

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