10 December 2005

Test Post

A test post. Actual blog content to appear within the hour. The net awaits hungrily. *rolls eyes*


pinocchio said...

It's very interesting, despite the fact that I totally disagree with you on this matter.

Nice blog. Keep it up.

FrozenOrb said...

Weeeee, a prompt reply! And me and my blog, all but devoid of content. Praise for nothing but karma. Thanks.

BlueSphynx said...

I'm commenting =) . You told me too lol.

FrozenOrb said...

Hands bluesphynx the $5 he promised.

Nokarot said...

The subject at hand is a very debateable subject that can go both ways.

I think it is safe to say that I, like many others, am annoyed by the fact that these things are happening.

In closing.. I hope the doings of the people we are talking about don't go unpunished.